Weekly Cost$35$55$125$190
Unlimited Off-Peak Classes*YesYesYesYes
Unlimited Peak Classes*NoYesYesYes
Training Plan$25 extra$25 extraIncludedIncluded
No. of (45 min) PT Sessions0012
Extra Discounts on Merchandise**NoNo30%40%
Free Entry to MPC Games***NoNoYesYes
No of Pause Weeks4466

*Peak hours are weekdays start of day to 8:30am, 12pm – 1:30, 5pm to finish and weekends. If a class goes into this time, then it is considered on-peak.
**Only include merchandise sold directly by MP Calisthenics, does not include affiliates such as Kenguru Pro
***Membership must be in place at time of MPC Games (usually March/April and Oct/Nov)

Terms and Conditions

  • Payment will be made automatically every Saturday using Direct Debit (transaction fees apply).
  • Notification for a pause week must come before 6pm Friday.
  • Cancellation requires 4 weeks notice from the next payment day. i.e if you cancel on a Monday, then you will have membership for that week, plus 4 more weeks before it is cancelled.
  • Classes are subject to availability, first come first served. We will add more classes based upon demand however where possible.
  • Refunds are not available, it’s your responsibility to book into classes.
  • Cancellation and rescheduling requires 24 hours notice for PT sessions.
  • Any changes to any of the packages requires 4 weeks notice from the next payment date from Maximum Potential Calisthenics (MPC).
  • MPC may change the size of classes at our discretion.


Can I Do More Than One Class a Day?

Yes, you can attend as many classes as your time and energy levels will allow. Subject to availability, first come first served.

How is Payment Made?

Payment is made via our payment provider through Direct Debit (transaction fees apply). The amount will be automatically transferred every Saturday.

What if I Miss a PT Session?

As long as 24 hours notice is given, we can reschedule and do an extra session next time. The session is forfeit if 24 hours notice is not provided.

What if I Go on Holiday?

A limited number of pause weeks are available. You must ensure that we are notified by 6pm on Friday if you intend to do a pause week.

There’s a Time I’d Really Like to do a Class

If there’s a time that you’d like to do a class, let us know and if we have availability and there is demand then we will schedule a new class.


If you’d like to find out more then please contact us, using the form below.

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