Calisthenics Highlights Video – November 2015

Maximum Potential Calisthenics Highlights are back, featuring clips from the best bits of my students and I.

In order of viewing, here are the details of the video.

  • Nadine has been training with me since June, in that time her strength has improved massively. Here she is performing full push-ups. To reach this point, she followed a simple progression using incline push-ups.
  • Simon is one of my new students for November. His main goal is to perform a human flag. In this clip he is working on his tucked clutch flag, which he has been doing for a couple of weeks, making significant progress in that short time.
  • Another one of Simon’s goals is the muscle-up. Here he is working on a jump assisted bar pull-over with negative muscle-up. The bar pull-over is a great exercise to teach you to move explosively over the bar, whilst the negative will teach your nervous system the muscle-up movement pattern.
  • Yury has been training with me since my days of teaching at HotelsCombined. One of his newest goals is to perform a planche. This was one of his first times working the pseudo planche. This teaches you to protract your scapula and lean forwards, as if performing a planche, only with your feet on the ground.
  • The planche is also a move that I’ve decided to dedicate a lot of my training towards. Here I’m working on my tucked planche. This isn’t a bad effort, but really I need to protract my scapula more, which will come with training.
  • Back to Nadine, as you can see she has learnt to perform chin-ups. She got here by performing flex hangs, two point flex hangs and three point flex hangs, The next stage is to increase her range of motion by doing very slow negatives for the bottom half of the movement.
  • Mez is making really good progress with his one arm pull-up. He got to here following a similar progression to myself. The next stage for Mez will be to see if he can get a small range of motion at the top of the bar and continue working the negatives.
  • Yury had a short break from training with me a few months ago, but is back now stronger than ever. Here he is performing a very powerful muscle-up. Next stage for him is to clean it up a little by reducing the kip and try stop leading with one arm quite so much.
  • My one arm pull-up has improved a lot over the last few months. I’m not quite at a deadhanging one, but I can now perform one and a half reps if I start with my feet on the ground.
  • Finally, here is my first false grip muscle-up. To get to this I simply practised hanging in a false grip until I could manage 6 sets of 30 seconds. Once this was doable then the false grip muscle-up soon followed.

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