Advanced Push-ups Tutorial

Ask most people how to make push-ups harder and they’ll tell you to do more reps.

In fact you often see competitions of how many push-ups you can you do non stop (the world record is 10, 507!).

This is a great way to train if you want to build muscular endurance.

What if your goal is to get stronger or build more muscles mass?

Would you do as many reps as you could with a low weight performing the bench press?

Of course not and calisthenics is no different!

To build true pushing strength, you need to progress the exercise to a level that requires super-human levels of strength.

Enter the One Arm Push-up and the Handstand Push-up!

One Arm Push-up Progressions

more to follow

Handstand Push-up Progressions

In order to perform a handstand push-up, you must be able to kick up into a wall handstand (well duh!).

Check out the one arm handstand tutorial for progression on how to get there.