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Maximum Potential Calisthenics

Wall Walking Bridges Down

On Friday I did my legs, back bridges, leg raises and now human flag training session. I am currently at level 7 of the back bridge which is wall walk down, whilst I am also trying to improve my reps, my main focus has been on form. The below video shows my first attempt to do this, which was taken about a month ago.

As you can see here my shoulders are dropping quite a lot and my elbows are bent more than they should be. Getting to the floor was also really difficult and I basically just had to wiggle my hands until they left the wall but all things considered it wasn’t too bad for a first attempt.

This second video shows my attempt on Friday, I’m slightly closer to the wall which forces some extra flexibility and I’m now reaching down from nearly a foot. My shoulders are still dropping and my elbows are no way near straight but they have improved. Finally after my attempt you can see Kamil show me how it’s done with a level 8 wall walk down and up bridge and a lot better form than mine.

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