Online training is a great way to get your calisthenics training on track, particularly for those who can’t attend training in person at one of our Sydney locations.

How does Calisthenics Online Training work?

First, we assess your needs via an initial phone call; then we provide you with a customised training plan, organise regular skype catch ups and arrange optional extras to keep you motivated and help you reach your goals.

Some of the features we offer are:

  • Online training plan through a personal training App
  • Basic nutrition plan
  • Catch-up calls over Skype, WhatsApp or Messenger
  • Feedback on your training videos

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Why should I sign up for Calisthenics Online Training?

Calisthenics Online Training is great for:

  1. Busy people who can’t get to us in person
  2. Flexibility – you decide when to train around your daily commitments
  3. Safe Practices – we demonstrate how to perform exercises via skype chat and check your form via Skype chat or asking you to send us a video of you performing the exercise
  4. Accountability – your trainer will be in touch with you on a weekly basis (and you can get in contact as often as you like via email with any questions) via Skype (or other communication channel depending on your preference) and will be following your ‘check in’s’ via a Personal Training App.
  5. Ease of use – Your training program will be logged on a Personal Training App along with instructions on how to perform the exercise, in case you need a refresher between catch ups with your trainer.

Calisthenics Online Training Testimonial

I live in Byron Bay so I work with Dave’s calisthenics program remotely.

I can honestly say Dave has tailored a program perfect for my needs.

In the past I joined boot camps and spent nights in the gym working out but nothing gives results like this.

I have more strength, more energy and feel more alive. Highly recommend Dave’s work.

– Ivan

Calisthenics Online Training Pricing

Online training starts $350 AUD for a 12 week plan – that’s less than $30 per week for your own Personalised Training Plan, catch ups every 4 weeks with your Online Personal Trainer, free access to a Personal Training App and more!

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