Postural Workshop

Posture Workshop

ARE YOU IN PAIN? ⠀ Has sitting down too much during covid affected your posture?⠀ ⠀ Do you find that you have a sore neck, back, hips, etc?⠀ ⠀ The modern way of living has caused a myriad of postural health issues and the need to remedy this has never been greater.⠀ In this workshop […]

Beginner Handstand Workshop

Handstand Workshop

Learn to become inverted, increase your strength, let go of your fears and have fun in an all-inclusive community! While this workshop is directed at the beginner to intermediate level, the drills involved have harder progressions available, creating a scenario where more advanced handstand individuals will also be able to hone their skills. Invite a […]

Muscle-up Workshop


Almost have your muscle-up? Make it yours on 04/06/22 @ 10:30am-12pm ✅THREE REQUIREMENTS ONLY✅ 1️⃣ Strength 2️⃣ Power 3️⃣ Technique At this workshop, you will learn how to fast track your bar muscle-up. Schedule 1️⃣ Warm-Up 2️⃣ Lat Activation 3️⃣ Requirements Explanation 4️⃣ Jumping MUP Technique & Practice 5️⃣ HyperStrong Pull Workout 6️⃣ Receive FREE […]