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The Importance of Goal Setting

I thought I’d write a post about the importance of goal setting but also my own personal belief in where a lot of people go wrong with their goals for exercise. My motivation to train as often as I do comes mainly from the fact that I love dong calisthenics exercises, having said that the hill sprints and intervals and even threshold running I only really get the same satisfaction afterwards when the endorphins have kicked in enough.

So on top of that I have goals which motivate me, I posted previously on what my current goals are so I won’t go into that but if ever I feel unmotivated to train I think about why I’m doing it and what I want to achieve as well as the progress that I’m making every week.
Which brings me to where I think some people, including myself in the past, go wrong with goal setting. I’ve always been lucky in that I’ve never had to worry about being overweight as I have a naturally thin body, however since I was a kid I’ve wanted to be bigger and stronger. To do this I had many fads where I would train with weights for a few months, weigh myself and even though I was progressing with the weights I hadn’t seen any change in my weight so would lose motivation.
I think the same goes for people trying to lose weight, a lot of weight gain and loss is actually down to diet for one thing but I believe that when exercising the goal should not be to change your weight, bodyweight fluctuates throughout the day so much that it’s very difficult to tell if you have changed but it can also be seriously demotivating if you don’t see any quick change. However if you set short term and long term goals in exercises you’d like to be able to do, you can see week on week gradual progression towards your goals. The aesthetic side of the training will be a natural bonus if you stick to the right diet. 
This I believe is the secret to why I’ve suddenly been able to find a training regime that I can stick to, I really want to be able to do one arm pushups, pullups, muscle ups etc. and as a bonus for the first time in my life I’ve actually started putting on weight from training (and the right diet of course).

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