Had another good week of training. After the half marathon I decided it was time to really push on with my calisthenics work, therefore I’ve added another upper body session on Tuesday lunchtime, this replaces the intervals that I was doing for the race. I’ve found that I can’t work handstands and pushups in the same session as they affect each other too much, therefore I’ve moved handstands to this new Tuesday session and also added some muscle up work. I’ll go into more detail on this in a future post.

On Thursday I finally reached progression with my uneven ring pullups. This level was just one notch between the rings and 2 x 10 on each arm. Next week I’ll try 2 notches, at this level I think I’ll start to feel quite a bit more load on the top arm.

Last week I managed to progress from uneven towel hangs for grip, I got asked what this actually involves. This essentially is hanging from the bar with one hand whilst the other hand is holding onto a towel which is wrapped over the bar. The towel grip is more difficult than the bar as you have to use your thumb a lot more and you don’t have your fingers over the top of the bar. This week I tried my hand at the next stage of grip work which is simply a one arm bar hang, managing 2 x 30 seconds on each arm. This is the first level where I’ve really noticed a difference between my arms, I probably could have hung for another 10 seconds or so with my right. I hung from my left arm first to set the benchmark and I then don’t go over this with my right to try and avoid increasing the muscle imbalance.

Finally on Friday we had the 2nd attempt of my new circuit which involves the following:

10 x parallel bar swings
Side lunge walk to the next station
5 x pullups (or negative)
Backwards frog jump (or forward) to the next station
10 x bar over and unders
Crawl back to the previous station
5 x pullups (or negatives)
Side lunge back to the first station

We do this circuit after 2 rounds of Convict Conditioning Legs, Bridges and Leg Raises as well as human flag training. Finally we finish with a slightly modified Progressive Calisthenics S4 method which I’ll write about in more detail in the future.