Intermediate Calisthenics Class Starting in Jannali


Classes coming to Jannali on Thursdays at 8am.

The intermediate class will cover the following exercises:

  • Pull-ups
  • Pistol squats
  • Hollow body hold
  • Advanced push-ups
  • Bridging

Simply select the button below and choose a suitable time for a pre-class assessment.

Places are limited to three students so book now to avoid disappointment!

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Here’s what Charles had to say after attending the intermediate class:

Dave is an excellent coach. In only 16 weeks with I have remarkably improved my strength and also understood the principles of calisthenics. I found his workout to be very complete and adaptable to every level, with plenty of good stretch and warm up exercises. Not too hard, you will not get injured, not too easy, you will feel the work and you will see rewarding progress weeks after weeks. I highly recommend Dave.

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About the Author:

Dave Mace is the founder and head coach of Maximum Potential Calisthenics. He takes great pleasure in motivating and inspiring others to succeed with their own bodyweight training. Success for him is measured in helping others (and himself) to achieve their maximum potential and perform feats of strength that you once thought were impossible! Read more