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Muscle Up and Handstand Training

I mentioned last week that I have split my handstand training out of my Thursday session as I find I can’t do both pushups and handstands without affecting each other. I’ve also added some muscle up training in there for both the bar and rings. On top of that I’ve also discovered a nice trick using a foam roller that improves my bridges and handstands massively, I’ll post a tutorial video on that in the next week or so.

Today I managed 1:10 for my handstand in my first set which is the most I’ve done in a long time, I then followed that up with a strong 1 minute. For the first time since I started Convict Conditioning nearly a year and a half ago, I finally feel like I’m progressing with the handstand and hope I’ll be able to reach progression level (2 minutes) in the next few weeks.

The muscle up for me is a very frustrating one, I see people perform it who by their own admission aren’t as good at pullups as myself or some of the guys I train with. This is because they’ve mastered the technique of the kipping and the transition between pullup and dip, which is something that I really need to work on. To train for this we’re working jumping muscle ups, kipping pull ups and straight dips, essentially the 3 components of the muscle up.

We’re also working on training for the rings muscle up, which we do by putting our feet on the ground and gradually putting less weight on the feet. Andres can do it with legs full stretched out like a row, whereas my legs are still very bent but it’s something to work on.

One and a half weeks to go until I enter Tough Mudder with Yury, have to admit I’m quite excited for this one, I missed out last year due to injury so this has been a long time coming.

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