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Maximum Potential Calisthenics

Hanging Leg Raises

I’ve been at the master step of hanging leg raises for a few months now. In that time I’ve managed to build my reps up fairly well, last week managing 21 for my first set and 15 for my second. It actually often ends up being my grip that fails rather my core not being able to lift my legs any further. Here is a video I took a month ago of me performing this (17 reps here), I try to keep them slow and use no momentum.

So what next? Shall I continue pushing up the reps or have I got as much out of this exercises as I can? Tomorrow is the session I do hanging leg raises, I think now is a good time for me to try and lift the legs higher and aim for V raises, this should not only help improve my strength further but will also improve my flexibility.

I’ve recently read the Trifector section of CC2 and introduced these in my bootcamp today, I’m hoping they can help improve my pretty poor flexibility. I’ll write a follow-up post in the future.

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