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The muscle-up on the bar is one of the most sought after bodyweight strength moves.

It requires a decent level of strength, as well as some technique to get it right.

What our Students are Saying?

I had been trying to do a muscle up for the 6 months before getting in touch with Dave and within 2 lessons I was on top of the bar!

-Shane Hurst

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Level 1

At MP Calisthenics our aim is to get you to perform one rep with the best form you can manage.

Your first muscle-up will look a lot like this

A video posted by Dave Mace (@dave_mace82) on

Note how Shane is using quite a bit of kip as well as kicking his knees up to assist him getting over the bar.

Once this becomes comfortable we will teach you to do it stricter.

A video posted by Dave Mace (@dave_mace82) on

You can now see that Shane is using less kip and is keeping his knees straight.

A video posted by Dave Mace (@dave_mace82) on

Shane has now eliminated his kip, with only a little momentum used to build up his speed. His knees are also straight.

Once you reach this point, you are ready for level 2.

Level 2

In the level 2 class we will continue to reduce your use of momentum, whilst building up your false grip.

Finally building you up to a slow controlled muscle-up with a normal overhand grip.

Before attending the class, you must attend a free movement assessment and consultation.

During this we will assess your strength and movement capabilities as well as discussing your goals and any past injuries.

Use the button below to book in for your free assessment.

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