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Maximum Potential Calisthenics

Get Your First Muscle-up Fast!

At Maximum Potential Calisthenics we have developed muscle-up drills that break down the move into more manageable components.

Once you can do the individual drills, the muscle-up always follows very quickly.

Experienced Calisthenics Coaches

Our coaches specialise in teaching calisthenics and have taught many people to muscle-up, using well-refined drills.

Times and Location

Observatory Hill 

Mondays – 7pm (45 minutes)

Wednesday – 7:45am

What Our Students Say

I had been trying to do a muscle up for the 6 months before getting in touch with Dave and within 2 lessons I was on top of the bar!

Shane Hurst

The steps and the professionalism Dave showed helped me get up there with ease and I recommend anyone else who wants to UNLOCK the muscle up to go through Dave !

Luke Gaynar

Dave is an excellent instructor - thanks to his patience and experience he was able to help me realise my goal to be able to do muscle-ups.

Benny Levene

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