Train Anywhere, Anytime, Your Way 

Our new Online Training Platform is here! Recently launched and accessible via the App Store and Google Play (or via the website).

The training is based on our Calisthenics Fundamentals, a comprehensive training curriculum, originally developed by our Head Calisthenics Coach.

Our Calisthenics Fundamentals program has been designed with one thing in mind, to get you stronger and stronger!

Pistol Squat

The new platform will give you the ultimate access to our videos and programming, guiding you on Calisthenics moves and progressions so you can get awesome results and smash those training goals!

With inbuilt tracking and results, you can measure your progress, keep accountable and feel proud of what you can achieve.

Maximum Potential Calisthenics Online Reviews

Here’s what some people have said about Maximum Potential Calisthenics Online so far:

“Great program and app, they are the perfect combination: I love being able to track my results weekly and seeing where exactly I am with my progressions and my personal goals. The app keeps me motivated to always develop really good habits around my training while I keep focusing on my achievements.”
“I’ve been a client and addict of Dave’s Callisthenics Fundamentals program since August 2018, and have been able to achieve more than I could have imagined through its intelligent progressions. There’s a lot more to get through, and to look forward to. The MPC team have also made great strides with how cleanly they’ve integrated it with their online platform – every progression is clearly documented and your performance is easily trackable.”

Limited Equipment Required

As the program is all bodyweight training, you don’t necessarily need a gym membership to follow.

A pull-up bar and something to do inverted rows (Gymnastics Rings, TRX etc) on are essential, we also recommend a high wall for doing handstand push-up progressions and varying height objects (a wall, chair, box etc) to do pistols, pike push-ups etc.

Pricing and Features

We’re currently offering 2 packages for our online training.

The basic package allows you access to our full program and the ability to track all your results. This is most suitable for those who are self-motivated and can train without the accountability of a coach.

The premium package includes everything that basic offers, with a coach to track all your results and keep you accountable.

All prices are in AUD.



$ 14
  • Full Calisthenics Fundamentals Program
  • Results tracking, including:
  • Workout results
  • Progress photos
  • Food diary
  • Other metrics (weight, bodyfat etc.)
  • Habit tracking
  • Facebook group access
  • Group chat through app
  • All current and future coaching videos, pdfs etc


$ 199
  • Everything that basic gets plus
  • * A coach to monitor and give feedback on your results
  • Goal setting with individualised assessments
  • Unlimited one to one messaging (reply within 48 hours)
  • Progression advice and coaching
  • Workout results monitoring
  • Food diary feedback
  • Technical feedback via video
  • Habit tracking monitoring
  • Adherence monitoring