Urban Calisthenics

It has been a pleasure to connect with like minded people like Dave Mace from Here, in London, at Urban Calisthenics Head Quarters we are promoting people, like Dave, who share our love for Calisthenics, street workout and Outdoor Exercise.

“Our Aim is to increase the participation levels, the communication within the global community and the amount of locations where urban calisthenics can be undertaken.” Peter Barkley, Co-Founder UC.


We believe the world is your gym and your only competition is the person looking back at you in the mirror. We enjoy sharing information, tips and advice but also watching, learning and developing from other groups and athlete’s videos. Slowly we are creating not only a global community where members can meet and discuss ideas but also the benefits of calisthenics arrange a variety of disciplines such as Football, Parkour and Rugby. We are fans of Ninja Warrior and one of our founders recently had an attempt on the show, you can see his poor effort here:

As you check out the site you will find information about Calisthenics from across the globe its contributors, are people like you, who share a love for outdoor exercise and the endless benefits that this can bring both physically and mentally. If you have a group or news you would like to share with us please get in touch:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @Calisthenics4u