Project Description

At MP Calisthenics we believe that the ability to move freely without limitation or injury is something that everybody should be capable of.

That’s why we encourage all our students to participate in our mobility program; it’s also why the MPC Games has a bonus round based on mobility.

Our mobility program can be attended in Sydney either one-on-one PT or at one of our classes.

The program is based around improving the following movements:

  • Toe touch
  • Deep squat
  • Shoulder over and under
  • Full Bridge

What is Mobility?

Mobility address 3 key areas:

  1. Flexibility

    Think as this as how much range of motion you have in a joint when external force is applied.

    For example, you may use your other arm to bring your shoulder in front of your chest, or a partner could help you stretch your hamstrings out.

    These are both external forces.

    The first step is to return your joints to their acceptable range of motion.

  2. Motor Control

    Think of motor control as how much range of motion you have in a joint when just using the muscles to move the joint.

    For example a lying leg raise, you are lifting your leg with a straight knee through it’s range of motion.

    If you can get your leg to 90 degrees with assistance from a partner, but struggle to do the same using just your muscles, then you have a motor control issue.

  3. Stability

    The final stage is to ensure that your muscle have good stability.

    Using the deep squat as an example, this requires decent levels of flexibility and motor control.

    However if your knee rolls inwards when you squat, then you have a stabilisation issue in either your ankle or hips. This can lead to injury and should be addressed as soon as possible.

I’m injured, will the mobility program help?2018-06-26T13:03:10+11:00

When you injure yourself, the body will tighten up to protect itself. In doing so, this can actually extend the recovery time. Depending on the injury, it should respond well to stretching. However, you should approach this cautiously and inform us if there is any bad pain in the injured area.

I lean forward when trying to squat, can you fix this?2018-06-26T12:59:40+11:00

This is usually caused by tight carves, combined with tight hips. We can fix this through stretching and motor control exercises.

How long will it take me to touch my toes?2018-06-26T12:56:29+11:00

The toe touch is actually one of the easier ones to fix; most students will touch their toes after just one session.