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Improving My Posture – Hip Flexor Stretches

Continuing my series of posture related posts I’d like to link to a video that I have been using to improve my hip flexor mobility. The reason why this is important for my posture is I suffer slightly from Anterior Pelvic Tilt, which essentially means my hips are rotating forward in my natural pose. This is causing my stomach and bum to stick out a little and a rather large arch in my back.

I’ve been doing daily stretches now for just over a week and I’m starting to see improvement in my flexibility, though probably too soon to see any improvement in my posture. I found this video whilst searching for the best hip flexor exercises:

The second of the 3 I do on my bed and this one is proving to be really effective, I haven’t yet tried the final one as you need a partner but I’ll get one of my training mates to do it with me sometime, see how that one goes.

Next time in this series I’ll be showing how I’m using the rumble roller to improve the mobility in my upper back.

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