Maximum Potential Calisthenics

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Half Marathon 2013

Another race another new personal best, this time knocking 2 minutes off my previous and finishing in 1:33:16. I had a bad preparation to the race in that just before I was going to go to bed I found that my Garmin Forerunner had broken (only had it 18 months so will be chasing that up), I then spent an hour trying to master reset and fix it to no avail. Luckily one of my mates had a spare Forerunner with her so I borrowed that during the race.

If City2Surf was the most difficult race I’ve entered, this was by far the most enjoyable. I never really had to leave my comfort zone, I had a few conversations with fellow runners along the way and enjoyed the sights of the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and Darling Harbour. The last time I ran this race I started well then crashed and burned the last 5 or so kilometres, this time I managed to maintain and even speed up a little over the last few KM.

So that’s the end of the running season, I still have Tough Mudder to go with my mate Yury in a few weeks but that’s a very different kind of race to the races I’ve been doing this year. New PBs in Sydney Harbour 10km, City2Surf and now Blackmores I have to say it’s been a successful year and I really came back from the disappointment of missing out on a marathon due to ITB Sydnrome well. This was also the furtherest I’ve ever run in Vibrams and thankfully not had any injuries.

As for what I’ll do next in my running, I’ll probably go back to base training over the summer which involves running distances at a pace which is in your fat burning zone (180 – your age roughly), this really helped me this year. I’m in 2 minds over whether to go for a marathon next year, I love running but I now see calisthenics as my main focus and am a little worried about what affect that kind of distance would have on my strength, I guess if I do go for it I would just have to eat even more than I do now.

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