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Shane Hurst

“I am a big fan of bodyweight exercise and went to Dave Mace after finding him online. I can’t say enough positive things about Dave. He is not only a great coach, but is organised and flexible in the way he teaches. Dave has not only been working on my strength but also my flexibility and mobility.

I had been trying to do a muscle up for the 6 months before getting in touch with Dave and within 2 lessons I was on top of the bar! From there, he has cleaned up my technique to a level that my muscle up is now almost strict! Dave and I have also been working on levers (front and back) and have been doing ring work. I have seen and trained with many PTs over the years and no doubt, Dave Mace would be one of the best.”

Yury Glikin

“I’ve been training with Dave for over 2 years. He is truly dedicated and committed, not only to the well-being and improvement of his students and friends, but also to continuously advancing his own knowledge and skills in all things calisthenics. I am doing things that I never thought possible a couple of years ago, mostly thanks to his drive and assistance.”

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The Accidental Calisthenics Enthusiast

Tim Mezups

“Dave has got me hooked on calisthenics! I never considered calisthenics before, always performing strength training using the equipment at a gym. I love how you can do a workout without any fancy machines.

Dave has shown me via a well thought out series of progressions how to get from a standard push up right through to smashing out one arm push ups on both arms. I am now well underway to performing a one arm pull up!

Dave’s classes are constructed well and designed to help you achieve your goals but also to complement those goals with other exercises to get a full body workout.”

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