Maximum Potential Calisthenics


I’ve lived in Sydney for over 2 years now (I’m originally from sunny England), but for whatever reason I had never tried surfing, that is until Saturday. The first thing I will say about it, despite the fact I exercise almost everyday, I haven’t ached like I did afterwards for a long time, I guess it was something new so the body needs time to adapt.

For my first time I was surprisingly okay at it, and I really found that my calisthenics work complimented it well. Paddling out for example is a similar movement as the pullup, and it worked out my lats in a similar way. Then getting to stand up on the board is similar to a squat thrust before finally holding a modified deep squat to stay upright, at least that’s my take on it after one lesson anyway. I managed to stay on the board all the way to the beach on 2 occasions which I was pretty proud of. I’ve got Tough Mudder next week so I won’t be going back then but I think I’ll have a few more lessons in the coming weeks, see how it goes.

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