Sydney Free Strength and Movement Assessment

Sydney Free Strength and Movement Assessment2019-07-09T05:43:11+11:00

Can’t find a suitable time? Call us today at 0406 382 283

Do You Have Any Times Other Than the Ones Listed?2018-09-25T16:39:26+11:00

The slots listed are our in hours times. If you don’t see a time that suits, then call us and we’ll see if there is another time that we can fit you in.

Where Do the Assessments Take Place?2018-09-25T16:40:07+11:00

Use the locations filter in the top right hand corner. If you don’t see this then please call us for assistance and we’ll book get you booked in.

How Long Does the Assessment Take?2018-09-25T16:39:48+11:00

The assessment typically takes around 45 minutes.