Maximum Potential Calisthenics

The Century Test Level 3

I’ve previously written about how I’ve extended the PCC Century Test to have a Level 1, 2 and 3. We use this every 5 weeks to measure our progress; the level 3 test consists of:

20 (each side) half one leg squats (no bench)
15 (each side) uneven push-ups
20 straight leg hanging leg raises
5 (each side) uneven pull-ups

On Friday, after 9 months of trying, I finally passed the Level 3 Century Test. Congratulations to Sarah too, who passed the Level 1 Century Test, marking a distinct improvement from when she first joined my sessions. As a result of this, I now need to come up with a level 4 to attempt; it should be a big step, the same way the previous 2 are, so I’m thinking of this:

20 (each side) full pistol squats
15 (each side) lever push-ups
20 legs to bar hanging leg raises
5 (each side) uneven pull-ups, arm on bicep

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