Arrow TV Series and Calisthenics

I’ve been catching up on DC comics, Arrow starring Stephen Amell. One of the reoccurring themes in the series is showing Amell doing some pretty impressive calisthenics training routines, such as one arm pushups, muscle ups and a move called a salmon ladder pullup, which involves him doing a kipping pullup then lifting the bar up to the next level of the ladder. If I had the equipment I don’t think I’d be that far off being able to do that move, at least for one rung up the ladder anyway.

It’s great to see callisthenics being used in this way, Amell even said in an interview that he doesn’t lift any weights, more proof that there is an alternative to pumping iron to get strong. As a 31 year old, watching the show made me want to go out and train so hopefully it’ll be having a similar inspirational affect on the younger audience that might be watching.

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