It recently occurred to me that I’ve never written about why I set this blog up. I live a long way away from my family as I’m originally from England, I guess one of the reasons was an urge for them to be able to see the training that I do in Sydney. More than that though, I’ve grown very passionate about calisthenics over the last couple of years, it has transformed my life, my body and my confidence. I hope to be able to give back to the community and hopefully inspire people into taking it up.

In many ways I wish I had started taking my videos when I was at the beginning of my calisthenics journey, back then I weighed under 60kg, I could barely do 20 poor form pushups and I thought that doing a pullup to 90 degrees was full range. Convict Conditioning changed all this for me, to this day it remains the most life changing book I’ve read, it gave me some training goals that I decided I would achieve. For this reason I setup my YouTube channel, I wanted the world to see that if a skinny guy who has never had any strength in his life could start gaining strength through calisthenics then maybe, just maybe I might be able to inspire some others. This is also why I always upload videos which are less than successful, as then I can come back and do it again and demonstrate that with hard work you can improve. Hopefully I’ll be able to do this with the muscle up soon.

It’s been over 11 months now since I setup the blog, in that time I have progressed a lot with my calisthenics. I’ve tried to allow the blog to grow with that, so that I don’t just give quick updates on how my training is going but to provide information and tutorials. To keep it in-line with that I recently renamed the blog from Maximum Potential Training to Maximum Potential Calisthenics, running is still a big part of my training and I will continue to write about it, but my focus is going to more around calisthenics. To go along with all of that, you may have noticed that I finally have a banner for my blog, this is one of 3 that DezineGeek made for me through freelancer.

Going forward I would like to produce more tutorials, and hope that this blog can become a great resource and community for calisthenics.