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How To Get a Six Pack – Sleep, Stress and Food Plan

Due to the popularity of part 1 and part 2 of my guide on how to get a six pack, as well as a couple of requests for extra info, I thought I’d put together a part 3 with a few extra pointers as well as an example of what I might eat in a week. Cardio Blackmores Sydney […]

How To Get a Six Pack – Exercises

   In part one, I wrote diet is the most important factor in getting a six-pack and gave a handful of my tips on how to get your diet right. In this post, to coin a phrase from Paul Wade, I shall be delving into what exercises I recommend to give you a six-pack from hell! […]

How To Get a Six Pack – Diet

Before we jump into this post I would like to make one thing clear, I train for strength first and foremost, I’d rather have a functionally strong core with no six pack, than a weak one with an impressive six pack; the aesthetics are a bonus and that goes for all my muscles. With that […]