Maximum Potential Calisthenics
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Calisthenics Guides

Our calisthenics guides will teach you the principals of calisthenics training.


Calisthenics Strength

12 Rules For Gaining Strength

This guide will walk you through the basic principles of strength training, whether that be for calisthenics or weight-lifting.

Calisthenics Muscle

12 Rules For Building Muscle

Want to build muscle with calisthenics but not sure where to begin?

This guide will take you through the basic principles of building muscle with calisthenics or weight-lifting.

How to progress bodyweight exercises

13 Ways to Progress a Bodyweight Exercise

Unsure of how to progress an exercise without just adding reps?

This guide will go through 13 basic ways we can adjust the difficulty of a bodyweight exercise.

Dave Mace Plateaus

12 Ways to Bust Through a Plateau

Has your progress slowed down in recent times and feel like you’re plateauing?

This guide will give you 12 ways to get your past that plateau and back on track with your training.