At MP Calisthenics we know that consistent, regular training is the key to getting life-changing results; we also understand that not everyone can afford 3+ PT sessions a week. For that reason we’ve developed a membership system that allows unlimited classes at affordable prices.


  • Unlimited Off-Peak Classes*
  • 4 Pause Weeks / Year


  • Unlimited Anytime Classes
  • 4 Pause Weeks / Year


  • Unlimited Anytime Classes
  • 6 Pause Weeks / Year
  • One 45 Min PT Session / Week
  • 30% Discount on MPC Merchandise**
  • Free Entry to MPC Games***


  • Unlimited Anytime Classes
  • 6 Pause Weeks / Year
  • Two 45 Min PT Session / Week
  • 40% Discount on MPC Merchandise**
  • Free Entry to MPC Games***

*Peak hours are weekdays start of day to 8:30am, 12pm – 1:30, 5pm to finish and weekends. If a class goes into this time, then it is considered on-peak.
**Only include merchandise sold directly by MP Calisthenics, does not include affiliates such as Kenguru Pro
***Membership must be in place at time of MPC Games (usually March/April and Oct/Nov)

Terms and Conditions


  • For weekly memberships payment will be made automatically every Saturday using Direct Debit (transaction fees apply).
  • For monthly memberships payment will be made on the 1st of the month.
  • This date may vary at our discretion or if a pause week is used.
  • Our payment provider may change fees at their convenience.
  • Our payment provider may charge fees for failed payments.


  • Cancellation requires 4 weeks notice from the next payment day. i.e if you cancel on a Monday, then you will have membership for that week, plus 4 more weeks before it is cancelled.
  • For monthly memberships, the notice period is one month.
  • The cancellation period will not be waived under any circumstances.

Pause Weeks

  • Pause weeks can be applied at any time as long as you haven’t attended any classes that week.
  • You cannot use more pause weeks than your membership provides.
  • Pause weeks cannot be used once you have given your notice to cancel.

Upgrading / Downgrading

  • Upgrading your membership can be done at any time.
  • Downgrading your membership requires 4 weeks notice from the next payment date (or 1 month for monthly) .


  • Classes are subject to availability, first come first served. We will add more classes based upon demand however where possible.
  • Refunds are not available, it’s your responsibility to book into classes.
  • Maximum Potential Calisthenics (MPC) may change the size of classes at our discretion.

Personal Training

  • Cancellation and rescheduling requires 24 hours notice for PT sessions.

Changes to the Membership Agreement

  • Any changes to any of the memberships requires 4 weeks notice from MPC.

Get Started

Free Strength and Movement Assessment

During this one-on-one session we will assess you through the main movement patterns and talk more about your goals.

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Free 1 Week Trial Silver Membership

If you’d prefer to get straight into the classes, you can opt for a free no obligation 1 week trial of silver membership.

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Can I Do More Than One Class a Day?2018-07-08T12:36:17+11:00

Yes, you can attend as many classes as your time and energy levels will allow. Subject to availability, first come first served.

How is Payment Made?2018-07-08T12:38:57+11:00

Payment is made via our payment provider through Direct Debit (transaction fees apply). The amount will be automatically transferred every Saturday.

What if I Miss a Personal Training Session?2018-07-08T12:49:45+11:00

As long as 24 hours notice is given, we can reschedule and do an extra session next time. The session is forfeit if 24 hours notice is not provided.

What if I Go on Holiday?2018-07-08T12:50:27+11:00

A limited number of pause weeks are available. You must ensure that we are notified by 6pm on Friday if you intend to do a pause week.

There’s a Time I’d Really Like to do a Class2018-07-08T12:51:07+11:00

If there’s a time that you’d like to do a class, let us know and if we have availability and there is demand then we will schedule a new class.

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