Maximum Potential Calisthenics
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Beginner Calisthenics

Beginner Calisthenics

Want to start training with your own bodyweight, but don’t know where to start?

This guide will provide you with a well-balanced beginner calisthenics training plan.

For each exercise, there is a detailed guide on how to progress or regress, clear pictures and a form guide.

It is advised that you can complete the 5 x 5 beginner workout before you attempt any of the more advanced calisthenics tutorials on this site.

What is Calisthenics?

If you’ve made it this far, you probably have at least a vague idea of what calisthenics is.

In this post, I will increase that knowledge and give you some background on the history of calisthenics. Read more …

Incline Push-ups

The push-up is a well known exercise but one that is not easy to perform with perfect form.

Here I will show you simple progressions to get you performing a full push-up, whilst maintaining perfect form. Read more …

Inverted Rows

The inverted row is a great exercise for introducing pulling movements into your workout.

Advance through these progressions and you’ll be ready to go for the pull-upRead more …

Bodyweight Squats

One of our most natural movements and if performed with proper technique, great for protecting your knees. Read more …

Lying Leg Raises

Learn why I don’t use crunches to strengthen my abdominals and how to progress to the lying straight leg raise. Read more …

Short Bridges

The first stage of building a stronger, healthier back.

Go through these progressions and you’ll be ready to start training for a full bridge. Read more …

Training Plans

How to put it all together, this calisthenics for beginners plan will lay a solid foundation for you to begin your journey into calisthenics.

How many reps and sets should you perform with calisthenics depends on whether you want strength or mass.

I’ll answer those questions in this section. Read more …