Maximum Potential Calisthenics

Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Training Regime and Unlock Your Strength Potential

Feel empowered and confident as you safely progress exercises with the guidance of skilled, passionate trainers. 

Train with us in the Sydney CBDRosebery or Jannali in the Sutherland Shire. 

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Choose Your Training Style

Choose from personal training, small group classes or a mixture of both!

Lack of knowledge makes it hard to train and get the results you deserve!

That’s why we offer one-on-one personal training (PT) so you can learn as you train in a friendly, fun and engaging environment.

Learn from knowledgeable Calisthenics trainers in Sydney and let’s get you results!

3 MPC Calisthenics Students

Do you struggle training alone?

It’s easier with a supportive class of likeminded people, who are motivated to get strong too.

Get support from our friendly trainers and enjoy the company of a wonderful community of calisthenics students who are ready to cheer you on!

Meet The MPC Team

Dave Mace

Dave Mace is our Founder and Head Coach.

Inspired by the book Convict Conditioning, Dave found calisthenics back in 2012. Since then he has certified as a PT and has undertaken several calisthenics and movement courses including the PCC. 

Dave is a highly motivated and skilled calisthenics coach, who takes great pleasure in helping others reach their calisthenics potential.

Train with Dave at Observatory Hill or Jannali.

Dave Mace Maximum Potential Calisthenics

Nathan Leith

Nathan Leith is Co-Owner and General Manager (CBD).

Motivated by moves such as the human flag and 360 degree spins, he found MPC and became one of our students.

He later joined the MPC team managing social media and qualified as a coach. 

Nathan is passionate about self-development, neuroscience, nutrition, bio-hacking and above all helping MPC students achieve their strength goals. 

Train with Nathan at Observatory Hill or Rosebery.

Nathan Leith 360

Yes Anyone Can Do Calisthenics! Hear From Nathan On Ticker TV.

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