Maximum Potential Calisthenics

Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon

Yury, Stu and I in our onesies before the race Today I ran the SMH Half Marathon. I previous posted about this and the fundraising that we have been doing, […]

Tough Mudder Sydney Spring 2013

On Sunday I entered Tough Mudder in Sydney with my friend Yury. The quick version is that it was great fun and we achieved a time of around 1:50 being […]

My Case for Barefoot Running

Vibram Five Fingers

I’m writing this in response to an interesting blog post on the guardian website, written by Michael Crawley. I have nothing against the writer and this certainly isn’t an attack […]

Conquering Heartbreak Hill

In just under 9 weeks I will be doing my yearly race in the City2Surf, for those of you who haven’t heard of this, it is a 14km race from […]