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Introduction to Calisthenics Workshop

Learn about bodyweight strength training and the building blocks of a complete training program.

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Build Functional Strength

Maintaining strength and flexibility, particularly as we age, can be challenging.

To keep doing all the things we want to do in life, we need the strength to keep our joints protected and the flexibility to safely perform common tasks. 

The Introduction to Calisthenics Workshop is an excellent opportunity to workout in a welcoming outdoor setting and learn lifelong training skills and technique to build functional strength. 

Workshop attendees exercising outdoors in the park.
mpc trainer with student in calisthenics class Sydney rosebery

Workshop Outline

The workshop will run for 1 hr 45 minutes and will cover the following:

  • Calisthenics Explanation & Demonstration
  • Warm-Up
  • Muscular Activation
  • Strength Training (full body routine)
  • Stretches

Plus you’ll take home a pdf guide to recap on everything you’ve learnt during the Intro to Calisthenics Workshop. 

Join The Introduction To Calisthenics Workshop

Avoid The Guesswork

Learn how to train the right way, starting with the basics such as how often to train and how to split your workouts.

Have Fun Whilst You Train

Share your experience with likeminded people who are motivated to get stronger.

Get A Great Workout

Start building your strength foundations right here in the workshop, with feedback anytime you need it.

What Actually Is It?

Calisthenics is a form of body-weight training with which you can increase your strength, mobility, proprioception, co-ordination and balance. All without the use of weights.

Do You Have To Be Very Strong To Start Calisthenics?


In our classes, each student has their own variation of an exercise which is dependent upon their strength level.

Let’s use push-ups as an example.

One person, who cannot yet do a floor push-up, may perform incline push-ups, another person may be performing push-ups on the ground, and a more advanced student may perform a one arm push-up.

We have similar progression trees for many other exercises. 

This method of adjusting exercise difficulty is what we do, so that we can have people of varying strength levels in the same classes.

 By giving each student their own variation of an exercise there are a few major benefits.

1. Everyone can still train together as a community.
2. A high level of safety is maintained.
3. Everyone has an exercise that is enjoyable but still challenging enough to encourage muscular growth.

Hear From Attendees At Our Previous Workshops

“I attended a handstand workshop last weekend. The workshop was very thorough and progresses step by step. I learnt a lot from the coaches and also other attendees. It was a great atmosphere. At the end of the workshop I almost did a handstand! I hope to join back as a member so I could do a proper one.”

Ben Yi

“I recently attended the handstand workshop conducted by Nathan, it was a super awesome workshop, Nathan broke down the handstand and did a bunch of drills using techniques I had previously struggled with, came back feeling a lot more confident and already see a marked improvement in my handstand attempts, the biggest being to reduce the dependency on the wall and trying the Handstand in an open area!

Thanks and looking forward to mastering the hand stand soon!”

Rohan Bhate

2 men and 2 women doing ab exercises in the park

Start Building The Stronger You

Experience the strength benefits of calisthenics with our introductory workshop

  • Improve your posture
  • Flexibility 
  • Strength

In this workshop you will learn everything you need to know about getting started with calisthenics.

If you wish to continue your journey with consistent training, we offer regular classes 6 days a week, at Rosebery, Sydney City & Jannali. Talk to us at the workshop, or read more about our classes here.

See you at the workshop!

MPC students With their hands in the air, wearing Maximum potential calisthenics t-shirts

Workshop Schedule

Below you can see all our upcoming workshops, simply click through to the workshop of your choice to purchase tickets.

Can’t make any of the times below? No problem, simply provide your email address and we’ll e-mail you as we organise new workshops.

July 2024
Sat July 6 @ 10:30am - 12:30pm

Muscle-up Workshop - July 2024

Turruwul Park – 115 Rothschild Avenue, Rosebery, NSW

September 2024
Sat September 7 @ 10:30am - 12:00pm

Beginner Handstand Workshop - September 2024

Turruwul Park – 115 Rothschild Avenue, Rosebery, NSW


Our Workshops

Get inverted with our beginner handstand workshop. We’ll show you the drills you need to get started on your handstand journey.

Get over the bar with our muscle workshop. We’ll show you the drills you need to get your first muscle-up.

Other Training Options

On top of our workshops, we also run regular training sessions

One-on-one training offers a more personalised experience, geared towards your goals.

Our classes are designed to get you strong. We keep the classes small, focusing on form first.