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Nathan Leith - MP Calisthenics

Nathan Leith

Born in ’88, Nathan Leith has lived all around Australia, including Yorktown, Port Lincoln, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, where he has now resided since 2008.

In life he is passionate about self-development, neuroscience, nutrition, and bio-hacking; exploring everything that life has to offer is non-negotiable.

Bodybuilding Background

His fitness roots began at the age of 21 when he joined the Royal Australian Navy. Here the obsession with creating a v-taper physique began to take hold.

This obsession led him to delve deep into the world of nutrition and the training regimes that would ultimately steer him towards this goal.

Starting Calisthenics

After some time, the standard gym routines and largely ego-driven desires which seemed endemic in a lot of gym culture began to fade.

This was when he saw someone perform the human flag.

Wow! Once again, he was in total awe of the human body and mind.

A quick google search led him to find Maximum Potential Calisthenics and with the knowledge that he HAD to learn that, these guys must surely be able to teach him.

In a few short months, Dave Mace had imparted upon him the necessary skills and knowledge to unlock the human flag… but what next?!

Well, during a beginner’s freestyle competition in 2019, first place was awarded to him; attributed to his strict form and great control. Many other people showcased more extreme moves but their form was sloppy and ultimately this cost them the title.

Nathan in Action

Joining Maximum Potential Calisthenics

At the end of 2020, he was fed up of being a Lift Technician and Electrician. Leaving his day job he threw himself in the deep end and assumed a Director’s role for MPC in Sydney.

Nathan says that calisthenics has changed his life in a dramatic way; he is now the strongest and most flexible he has ever been.

Through MPC, he thrives off of watching his students increase their strength and unlock new skills. To him, imparting body knowledge and increasing peoples’ self-confidence brings a joy that a 9-5 never could.


  • 2017 – Autumn MPC Games Winner
  • 2018 – Autumn MPC Games Winner
  • 2019 – 1st place in a beginners freestyle competition.
  • 2020 – A Guinness World Record was almost his but whilst awaiting application finalisation, someone else beat his score of 57 Archer Push-ups in 1 Minute.

This is just beginning, check Nathan’s Instagram for recent updates.

IG : @nathan_mpcalisthenics