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Below you can find calisthenics books and products that are endorsed by Maximum Potential Calisthenics. For full disclosure, we will receive a commission for every purchase made through these links. However, only products and books that have been read and / or used on a regular basis and recommended by Dave Mace will appear here.


Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade

Convict Conditioning

What else can I say about Convict Conditioning that hasn’t already been said throughout this site! Well it was the first book I read on calisthenics; it motivated and inspired me to stop being a skinny guy with no strength, to the person that I am today. If it weren’t for CC, then I wouldn’t train or coach calisthenics, and I wouldn’t own a business. Having exchanged multiple e-mails with Paul, I can say that he is a gent as well.

Convict Conditioning introduces progressions for the big six of calisthenics:

  • One leg pistol squat
  • One arm push-up
  • One arm pull-up
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Stand to stand bridge
  • One arm handstand push-up

Convict Conditioning 2 by Paul Wade

Following on from his immensely popular Convict Conditioning, Paul Wade tackles some of the finer details of working out, such as stretching, diet and his view on steroids. In typical Paul Wade style, he intersperses this with anecdotal stories from his prison days.

CC2 contains progressions for the following exercises:

  • Human Flag, by far the most detailed step by step guide to the human flag I’ve come across.
  • Wrestlers Bridge, for those of you who want really strong necks.
  • Grip Strength, adding this to my training has improved pretty much every aspect of all my bar workouts.
  • Calf Strength, high rep progressions for big calves.
  • Trifecta, 3 stretches for optimal joint health.

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Convict Conditioning 3 by Paul Wade

In early 2015, the eagerly anticipated Convict Conditioning 3 was released. This time delivering progressions for explosive calisthenics, including the kip-up, front flips, back flips and muscle-ups, as well as progressions to get you the pure power needed for these moves with the suicide jump and superman push-ups.

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Diamond Cut Abs by Danny Kavadlo

Diamond-Cut Abs by Danny Kavadlo- How to Engineer the Ultimate Six-Pack—Minimalist Methods for Maximum Results
Danny Kavadlo has written one of the easiest to understand, back to basics nutrition books I’ve read.

He breaks down some myths about food, as well as offering some common sense advice on how to get the right balance between nutrition and life.

Furthermore, it features an impressive array of calisthenics exercises to build the muscle in your mid-section for an impressive six pack.

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Rumble Roller

I use the extra firm Rumble Roller every day to help counteract the tightness in my back from sitting down too much.

What makes this better than your standard foam rollers are the specially designed bumps that get into the trigger points on your back.

If your new to this, you may want to start out with the blue one, which is a little softer.

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The Stick

Whilst the Rumble Roller is great for areas you can get lots of bodyweight on like your back, it’s not as effective for places like your calves or even your legs.

This is where the stick comes in. Great for either partner use or self massage, this will get into all those trigger points and loosen up your muscles.

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Training Apparel

Vibram Five Fingers

Back in 2013 I wrote about why I like running “barefoot” or in Vibrams.

I’ve since ran two Tough Mudders in Vibrams and train calisthenics either barefoot or in Five Fingers.

This has strengthened my feet and eliminated my over reliance on shoes.

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Progressive Calisthenics Certification

The Progressive Calisthenics Certification was founded by Paul Wade and is taught by Al and Danny Kavadlo. I attended the PCC at Melbourne in 2014, you can read about my experience here. Al and Danny are both extremely talented and passionate trainers, I learnt a lot during this workshop as well as meeting a bunch of very talented individuals.

Whether you’re a Personal Trainer or passionate about calisthenics, you’ll learn a lot from attending the PCC. Make sure you’re ready for the century test, after 3 days of tough training, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.