Introduction to Calisthenics – Short Bridges

Short Bridge

After reading the tutorials from this introduction to calisthenics, if you only add this exercise to your workouts, then it will have been worth your time. Paul Wade of Convict […]

Improving My Posture – Rumble Roller

Continuing my series of posture related posts, another way I am attempting to improve my posture is by using the rumble roller everyday to stretch my upper back. For those […]

Injury Update

I mentioned last week that I had an injury. I’ve been getting remedial massage to help treat the injury, the last one I had was on Tuesday and it felt a […]

Improving My Posture – Bridging

I wrote in my last post that I had a few posture problems that I am trying to fix. Now being a big fan of Convict Conditioning it’s probably not surprising that […]

Anterior Pelvic Tilt and Other Posture Problems

I currently have a bit of an injury, nothing too serious but has given me some time to reflect on my training. Following Convict Conditioning for nearly 2 years has given me very […]