Maximum Potential Calisthenics
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Close Hand Push-ups

The first progression after full push-ups towards the one arm push-up is the close hand push-up. By moving your hands closer together, it puts more emphasis on your triceps, which will need to grow stronger in order to perform a one arm push-up.

Introduction to Calisthenics – Incline Push-ups

Keep your body straight

The push-up is probably one of the most recognised bodyweight exercises. However, many people focus on quantity rather than quality with their push-ups. This is a mistake, to get true strength, we should concentrate on getting perfect form from the push-up. This guide will detail push-up progressions for beginners. Remember, focus on your form to […]

Progressive Calisthenics Certification Melbourne

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the PCC in Melbourne. For those of you who have missed this, it is a training course ran by Al and Danny Kavadlo in how to teach Progressive Calisthenics. First off the Kavadlo brothers, these guys are inspirational, incredibly strong and yet so humble. Despite the YouTube […]