Kelsey Sabine

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Kelsey is our Head Run Coach, she is a REPs (New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals) registered trainer with over 7 years of fitness coaching experience.

As an experienced runner, having competed in various marathons and representing New Zealand in the Gold Coast World Triathlon Champs (2009), Kelsey is keen to share her knowledge and help others achieve their potential.

Formal qualifications

  • Assistant Swim Teacher Award 2009 – qualification to take swimming lessons.
  • Radical Fitness Topride Certification 2011 – qualification to take pre-choreographed
    spin classes.
  • New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals – REPS registered.

Run Coaching

As a run coach, Kelsey’s approach is to first determine the goal of the athlete, whether it be marathon training, middle distance or sprint training, and tailor her coaching accordingly.

She has experience teaching various drills and techniques and has developed her own detailed 12 week running programmes.

If you are interested in attending one of Kelsey’s running classes, you can book in online or find out more information on the Running Classes Sydney page.