Maximum Potential Calisthenics
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Tough Mudder – Sydney 2015

Last weekend, I was part of Team Maximum Potential Calisthenics, who participated in the annual Tough Mudder (TM) event on the Sydney central coast. This was my 3rd year, which is an achievement in itself, considering how much effort Dave from MPC put in to get me into the event in the first place 2 […]

Tough Mudder Sydney Spring 2013

On Sunday I entered Tough Mudder in Sydney with my friend Yury. The quick version is that it was great fun and we achieved a time of around 1:50 being amongst the first in our group to finish. We started at 9am which was the first group, this was perfect, allowing us to get past […]

Tough Mudder Pre-Race Preview

Tomorrow I will be entering Tough Mudder for the first time with my mate Yury. Tough Mudder is actually what got me into calisthenics in the first place, I signed up to do it last year but had to drop out due to injury. However, as part of the 6 months of training I had […]