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Maximum Potential Calisthenics

Tough Mudder Pre-Race Preview

Tomorrow I will be entering Tough Mudder for the first time with my mate Yury. Tough Mudder is actually what got me into calisthenics in the first place, I signed up to do it last year but had to drop out due to injury. However, as part of the 6 months of training I had done prior to this I bought a book called You Are Your Own Gym, an excellent book by Mark Lauren. After training this for a few weeks, I came across Paul Wade’s Convict Conditioning on Amazon recommendations and the rest as they say, is history.

Obviously because of missing out last year I’m really looking forward to this, Yury and I haven’t set a time goal but he’s a runner of similar pace to me and we’ve both been training calisthenics hard so am hoping we’ll do okay. We start at 9:40 but will try and get into an earlier group as it’s going to be 30 degrees tomorrow which should make it interesting. The obstacle I think I’m least looking forward to is probably Arctic Enema, which involves wading through ice cold water and ducking under the water half way through to get to the next section (although with 30 degree heat this may help). I’m most looking forward to anything that involves hanging or climbing, as I would say they are probably my strongest points.

The main goal really is to get through it uninjured and to have fun which I’m sure we will. I’ll post a race report on how it went in the coming days.

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