At Maximum Potential Calisthenics our coaches are well trained and experienced.

We specialise in teaching bodyweight exercises and movement to give you the best results.

Teaching our students to reach their potential is our passion!

Sydney Calisthenics Coaches

Our team is based at Observatory Hill in the Sydney CBD.

Team Profiles

Dave Mace
Dave MaceFounder and Head Coach
Dave Mace is the founder and head coach of Maximum Potential Calisthenics. Dave has been teaching calisthenics since 2012.
Nathan Leith
Nathan LeithHead of Social Media and Calisthenics Coach
Nathan is Head of Social Media and a Calisthenics Coach. He started his fitness journey in the Navy and has a background in body-building. Nathan specialises in freestyle calisthenics.
Anthea Waller
Anthea WallerCalisthenics Coach
Anthea is a Calisthenics Coach. She is an experienced Personal Trainer with a background in dance and movement.
Stephen NobleVideographer
Steve is our Videographer. He films and edits a selection of the videos on our YouTube channel.
Gennaro Geko Porrecelli
Gennaro Geko PorrecelliCalisthenics Coach
Gennaro is our newest calisthenics coach. He is a skilled, attentive coach with a passion for calisthenics.