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Calisthenics Myths Debunked: Why Anyone Can Train Bodyweight

Calisthenics is body-weight strength training, so you mainly use your body weight for resistance instead of weights. Strength training offers a range of benefits: building muscle mass and strength leads to a more toned appearance, stronger bones, improved joint protection, and a reduced risk of injuries. Common myths/ concerns: I’m Not Strong Enough for Calisthenics […]

The Benefits of Calisthenics for Reducing Lower Back Pain

lady in sports clothes with hand on back

Let’s face it, most of us will experience some form of back pain. It can be disruptive, limiting our movement and reducing our sense of well-being. We want to heal lower back pain fast so we can get back to everyday life. If You Are Experiencing Lower Back Pain You Are Not Alone Millions of […]

Is This Sydney’s Best Outdoor Gym? Don Lucas Reserve Fitness Park

Cronulla Outdoor Gym

We went down to take a look at the new Don Lucas Reserve Fitness Park in Cronulla to find out if this could be Sydney’s best outdoor gym. The gym was officially opened on 14th October 2022 by the Sutherland Shire council, who are keen to promote active lifestyles and provide access to parks and […]

Calisthenics Leg Workout

step downs calisthenics exercise with river in the background

All the essential information you need to know about doing a calisthenics leg workout. BONUS: Check out the free calisthenics leg workout session available for download. This workout has exercises for beginners to advanced levels. Jump to the information you need: Can You Build Legs With Calisthenics? Why Do We Need Compound and Isolation Movement? […]

Turruwul Park Outdoor Gym

Calisthenics Bars Outdoor Gym Turruwul Park

Turruwul Park is located in the inner Sydney suburb of Rosebery and is home to an impressive outdoor gym. You can find the gym on Rothschild Avenue, close to the corner of Harcourt Parade. The outdoor gym is sectioned in to two main areas: one for the calisthenics bars and an area with a few […]