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Sutherland Shire Outdoor Gyms

The Sutherland Shire has beautiful beaches and is in close proximity to the Royal National Park, whilst all being just a train’s journey from the city.

It also has an array of outdoor gyms where you can get strong using just your own bodyweight.

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Outdoor Gyms

Sutherland Shire Outdoor Gyms Infographic

Caringbah, Sunnyside Reserve Outdoor Gym

Located in Sunnyside Reserve next to a children’s playground and bbq/picnic facilities.
On-street parking next to the park was limited when I visited (on a week day).

This is a small gym with moving equipment such as a bike and leg press.

Sunnyside reserve gym

The dip bars and step down platforms could be used as part of a body-weight/ calisthenics training session.

The children’s playground, has also has monkey bars!

Sunny Side Reserve Monkey Bars

Location map of Caringbah, Sunnyside Reserve Outdoor Gym

12 Sunnyside Avenue, Caringbah.

Cronulla, Don Lucas Reserve Outdoor Gym

1 Mitchell Road, Cronulla.

Update October 2022: New Gym Just Opened!

Don Lucas New Outdoor Gym in Cronulla, Sutherland Shire, Sydney

This outdoor gym is located near Wanda Beach and is next to a Basketball court, children’s park, and picnic area. There are toilets and a car park nearby.

There are two parts to the outdoor gym: the first area is the moving parts gym, with equipment such as a leg press; the second is an area more focused on bodyweight training.

Don Lucas Outdoor Gym Cronulla - Ladder and Pull Up Bar plus stretch station

The new bodyweight outdoor gym features:

  • Various height pull up bars
  • Ladder
  • Calf stretch station
  • Low bars (perfect for quad extensions)
  • Benches
  • Angled benches
  • 2 x dip bars
  • Low bars
  • Monkey bars

Location map of Cronulla, Don Lucas Reserve Outdoor Gym

Cronulla, Judd Street Reserve

26-32 Judd Street, Cronulla.

This gym is located in a residential area and has different height pull-up bars and incline exercise benches. It is located next to a children’s park, there is a water fountain (bubbler) and limited parking.

Judd Street Reserve Sutherland Shire Outdoor Gym

Location map of Cronulla, Judd Street Reserve Outdoor Gym

Kurnell, Marton Park Outdoor Gym

Marton Park has 3 outdoor gym areas; the first, located behind the fire station, has pull-up bars and ab benches.

Marton Park Outdoor Gym Kurnell

The second, in the far corner of the park, has parallel bars, static bike and low bars.

Marton Park Outdoor Gym Kurnell Parallel Bars

The third area has monkey bars, parallel bars (short), hoops and chest press machine.

Monkey Bars Kurnell

Location map of Kurnell, Marton Park Outdoor Gym

Menai, Mathers Place Reserve

1 Mathers Place, Menai.

Mathers Place reserve is located in a quiet residential area next to a children’s park and a grass reserve.

Menai Mathers Place Reserve Playground and Outdoor Gym
Mathers Place Reserve, Menai

There are pull-up bars at various heights, and parallel bars and there is a water fountain next to the gym area.

Pull-up bars outdoor gym, Menai
Parallel bars Menai outdoor gym
Dip Bars, Menai

Location map of Menai, Mathers Place Reserve, Outdoor Gym

Miranda, Ascot Place Reserve

43R Miranda Road, Miranda. 

There is a small gym at Ascot Place, with pull-up bars, next to a children’s playground.

It’s a residential area and parking is limited. 

Pull-up bar station, Miranda

Location map of Miranda, Ascot Place Reserve, Outdoor Gym

Waterfall, Yanagang Street Reserve Outdoor Gym

This outdoor gym is located in a quiet residential area, next to a children’s play area.

Waterfall Outdoor Gym Equipment

It has just 3 pieces of equipment: a curved ladder, suitable for exercises such as pull-ups and human flags, a bench for sit up’s and a pendulum for working your core muscles.

Location map of Waterfall, Yanagang Street Reserve Outdoor Gym

Woolooware Outdoor Gym

Located next door to Sharks Leagues Club, this small modern set up is perfect for getting in a few pull ups.

Photos of Woolooware Outdoor Gym

We parked next to Solander fields and walked around the back of the unit blocks to reach this gym. 

The gym features 2 pull-up bars, 2 low bars, bench and dip bars. 

Map to show location of Woolooware Outdoor Gym

Woronora, Prince Edward Park Outdoor Gym

This outdoor gym is in a picturesque setting next to the Woronora river.

Woronora River, with footbridge

This is a minimal set up outdoor gym, but has the basics for you to be able to do calisthenics exercises such as pull-ups, dips and dragon fly’s.

The set up consists of a pull-up bar, dip bars and an abs bench.

Woronora outdoor gym prince edward park

The gym is located next to a children’s play and bbq area. There is a car park right next to the park with toilets.

The Woronora Boatshed cafe is less than 5 minutes walk away.

Worronora boatshed and prince edward park

Location map of Woronora, Prince Edward Park Outdoor Gym

Yowie Bay, Kalang Lane Reserve

6A Wonga Road, Yowie Bay.

The gym is located next to a children’s playground and both areas are quite popular, particularly for young families.

The reserve is moments away from the pontoon and boat ramp into the Port Hacking River and is close to local shops. 

There is a clean modern toilet block on the reserve.  

Different height bars at Kalang Lane Reserve
Outdoor gym and playground at Yowie bay
Outdoor gym and playground, Yowie Bay

Location map of Yowie Bay, Kalang Lane Reserve, Outdoor Gym

Are there any other outdoor gyms you have found in the Shire? If so, please feel free to contact us so we can list them here.

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