Maximum Potential Calisthenics
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2014 Goals

In my last post I did a quick review of my goals for 2013 and what I had achieved, now it’s time to set out my goals for 2014. 2012 was all about building a base layer of strength and beginning the journey of calisthenics, the first half of 2013 I built on that foundation and in […]

End of Year Goals Review

I’d like to start this post by wishing everyone a happy new year, hope you all have a great one!6 months ago I wrote a blog post with my goals for the end of year, I’m just going to come back to these and review how I did, I will then write another post with […]

Closing In On The One Arm Pullup

Or not quite as I reckon I still have at least a solid year of training before I reach it, but in recent weeks I’ve really made some great progress towards the one arm pullup. Starting back in June when I made the decision to change my training plan to work uneven close hand ring pullups. […]

Mid-Year Training Update and Goals

As we approach the end of June I thought it’d be a good time to give an update as to where I currently am with my Convict Conditioning and what my end of year goals are. I’ve also noticed that I’ve been doing CC with various training plans for around a year now. Pushups – […]