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End of Year Goals Review

I’d like to start this post by wishing everyone a happy new year, hope you all have a great one!

6 months ago I wrote a blog post with my goals for the end of year, I’m just going to come back to these and review how I did, I will then write another post with my goals for this year. As I have changed my training plan and progressions some of the goals may not be quite applicable anymore.

Goal: I think I will probably skip level 8 half one arm pushups and go straight to lever pushups when I progress, so I’d like to be nearly at the progression standard of lever pushups by the end of the year.

Actual: I’ve moved on from uneven pushups as at 4 x 5 they were too easy, I’m now doing a new progression which is close hand pushups with both hands on the ball and gradually elevating my legs, once I reach the height of a bench I’ll move onto lever pushups.

Goal: The straps on the rings have notches a few inches apart. I’m currently training with one notch distance between my rings, by the end of the year I would like to be up to 4 notches which would be about a foot.

Actual: I’m now training with 6 notches between the rings which really puts a lot of emphasis on the top arm.

Goal: I’ve got to be aiming for the 2 minute handstand though at the pace I’m progressing this is going to be difficult.

Actual: Before my injury I managed a 1:40 handstand and was progressing at an extra 5 seconds a week, I think if it weren’t for my injury I probably would have reached this goal. However, a few days ago I attempted a full handstand pushup for the first time and actually managed 2, so think I’m going to change the progression level for this to 2 x 1 minute and move on.

Goal: I’d like to be on wall walking down and up by the end of the year.

Actual: I can do a wall waking bridge up and down, however I’ve gone back down to bridge pushups as I’m trying to concentrate on improving my range of motion and mobility to help my posture.

Goal: I’ve got to be aiming to do full pistols with both legs, I’d like to be able to do 10 reps on each leg

Actual: I’m onto full pistol squats now but can only manage around 4 on each leg before I start to lose form.


  • 3 personal bests in my running for 10km, 14km and half marathon.
  • Completed Tough Mudder for the first time.
  • Managed a bar and ring muscleup.
  • Started this blog
  • My bootcamps are getting more popular, at the beginning of 2013 only 2 of us trained together I now have up to 10.
Overall 2013 was the best training year of my life by a long way, 2014 has a lot to live up to!

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