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2014 Goals

In my last post I did a quick review of my goals for 2013 and what I had achieved, now it’s time to set out my goals for 2014. 2012 was all about building a base layer of strength and beginning the journey of calisthenics, the first half of 2013 I built on that foundation and in the second half I started to work on some more advanced skills such as the muscle-up, the clutch flag and one arm pushups. 2014 my goals are going to be based around taking these skills to the next level and hopefully being able to start doing some of the real master exercises of calisthenics, so without further ado here are my goals for 2014:

My goal is to be able to do a one arm pushup with both arms with my legs shoulder width apart.

This is my main goal for the year and it’s an ambitious one, quite simply I’m aiming to be able to do a full range of motion one arm pullup with both arms. I’ve made terrific progress with this in the last year and feel this is what I should be aiming for. Will I do it, only time will tell but if not I will achieve this in the not so distant future.

My first goal relates to static bridges and that’s to be able to hold a bridge for 2 sets of 1 minute and to keep improving the range of motion and form. Secondly I’ve got to be aiming to be able to get to the master step of the bridge which is full up and down bridges.

Difficult to say but I’m going to aim to be able to do uneven handstand pushups, I think my progressions for this may be slightly different to CC but we’ll see.

Hanging Leg Raises
I can’t quite get my feet to bar yet so that would be a good goal but going beyond that at the end of the year I would like to be able to perform one handed feet to bar with both arms.

To improve my form, I don’t beleive I’ll be able to do a slow one in a year so somewhere in between what I do now and that, maybe removing the swing and just using pace and strength to get up.

Ring Muscle-ups
I’d like to be able to do knee-tucked ring muscle ups, a very difficult exercise indeed.

Pistol Squats
Not sure what to aim for this one as I haven’t seen the progressions beyond pistol squats yet, I’ll reassess this one after I have a better idea.

This year I simply aim to improve my PB in every race I enter. I have no ambitions to go beyond the half marathon this year as I want to mainly concentrate on my calisthenics but maybe next year. I’d also like to work my way through the Spartan races.

Improve my Coaching
I coach a number of people at work in my spare time for free, this is a hobby that I enjoy and currently have no plans to take it professional. I aim to continue to improve my understanding of the human body and calisthenics so I can help people reach their goals even better. This will start with the Progressive Calisthenics Certification in Melbourne with Al and Danny Kavadlo. Beyond that I’ll keep reading books and watching YouTube videos which I always find useful for finding new training techniques.

Thought I best include something for my posture as I’ve been running a series of posts on the subject. I’m not expecting 20+ years of bad posture to be fixed overnight, but I have a picture of my current posture on this blog now so I can compare at the end of the year and see if I’ve made progress.

I’ve set some pretty tough goals here and I don’t honestly believe I’ll reach all of them but as the saying goes “Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling, aim for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor”. I will reach all of these goals eventually, the end of year is not a deadline but more of a guideline.

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