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Closing In On The One Arm Pullup

Or not quite as I reckon I still have at least a solid year of training before I reach it, but in recent weeks I’ve really made some great progress towards the one arm pullup. Starting back in June when I made the decision to change my training plan to work uneven close hand ring pullups. It took me a good 2-3 months of solid work to build to the first progression but once I did that I’ve since done 2 progressions in a row and am very close to upping the gap between rings to 4 notches (about a foot).

Recently I also starting working negative one arm pullups and have seen really quick improvement in that exercise. On Thursday I added 2 new exercises to the beginning of my pullups and pushups workout, the first to do one arm pushups with wide legs and then secondly to try a one arm pullup to see how I’m progressing. Doing these 1 rep max exercises first allows me to do them when fresh and really put my all into it. I was very pleasantly surprised with the one arm pullup attempt, I started with my arm slightly more straight than a right angle and with my right arm I managed to pull my self up to where my eyes were level with the bar. My left was not as good but I work my left the same I do my right so it will catch up eventually. The next stage is to be able to get my chin over the bar and then finally be able to do it from a straight arm which I think will really be where the hard work is.

I’ve set myself a goal to be able to do a one arm pullup with both arms by the end of next year and for the first time since I started on my Convict Conditioning experience, I feel this might just be doable.

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