Bar Muscleup Progress

When I first began training Convict Conditioning in the park, I would see the odd advanced calisthenics athlete performing muscleups on the bar. I remember adding it to my to […]

Bar Muscleup with Video

Just a quick update today, I said last week that I’d managed to do a bar muscleup for the first time, well I took a video today. Am fairly pleased […]


Had a very good training day today! After a year and a half of calisthenics training I finally managed a bar muscleup. I’ve been getting pretty close, with my chest […]

Muscle Up and Handstand Training

I mentioned last week that I have split my handstand training out of my Thursday session as I find I can’t do both pushups and handstands without affecting each other. […]

Muscleup Training

In my Thursday session, after we’ve done 2 rounds of Convict Conditioning we do some exercises to try and help get us to be able to do muscleups. This has […]