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Muscleup, Ring Muscleup and Handstand Pushups Training Plan

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago detailing my new training plan which I have been using for a few months now. I’d like to follow that up by writing down some of the training plans that my bootcampers and I follow. I’ll start with my Tuesday training plan which is the Muscleup, Ring muscleup and Handstand Pushups training plan.

Warmup and Active Stretching
I start by rolling using the rumble roller before following this up with 20s each of Convict Conditioning 2 trifecta. Finally I do the exercises shown in the excellent video by Max Shank.

Hard Sets (2 x 1-5 reps)
These exercises are all performed one after the other with a short rest in-between before returning to the first exercise and repeating.

  • Bar Muscleup (Can currently only do 1 in a row)
  • Handstand Pushups (PB is 4 in a row)
  • Ring Muscleups (PB is 2 in a row)
Once I can reach 5 of any of these exercises I will move onto a slightly more difficult variation.
Working Sets (4 x 5 reps)
As detailed in my training plan, I train for strength over muscle mass so for these sets I opt for 4 x 5 rather than 2 x 12. Again I do them in order with a short rest before moving onto the next exercise.
  • Explosive Kipping Pullups – I aim to get my hands off the bar as high as I can here, with the goal to be able to get a clap in there eventually.
  • 3/4 Handstand Pushups – This leaves me a couple of inches off the ground and is significantly easier than full range handstand pushups.
  • Straight dips – The aim here is to get as low as possible whilst still being able to get back up, I can currentely get my chin down to the bar. This exercise is aimed to help my eventually be able to do a negative slow muscleup.
I finish with Isometric pullups which you can see a video from last year of here, I have since improved on this significantly, I’ll see if I can get a follow up video in the next few weeks.
Finally I do isometric pushups which I am now doing close hand.
I’ll follow this post with a training plan that Yury one of my mates follows, which is just couple of levels below this one.
Below is a video of my latest handstand pushups, though this time performed in my lounge rather than the park.

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