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Missed Training Pledge

This week we started a new initiative with for the attendees of my calisthenics classes to help provide motivation to turn up for training. The idea is based on the swear jar, whereby you put a coin in a jar every time you swear. Our initiative is completely voluntary, with my guys simply pledging to come to any or all of my Tuesday, Thursday and Friday classes; if they miss one then they have to put a minimum of $5 in the jar. I’ve set my own pledge at $50 as I wanted to ensure that I’m participating myself. Once we have a decent amount in the jar we will probably go out for a team lunch or something similar.

Most of my guys have signed up to the pledge, for at least one of the training sessions. It was a tough start today as it was pouring it down with rain, but it proved it’s worth with only one of the pledgees pulling out and he had just come back from a run.

If you train with a group of people, then why not set-up a similar pledge, make the amount high enough to provide incentive, but low enough so that it doesn’t become a sore point if someone misses a few sessions. Remember that only by training consistently will you see long term improvement towards your goals.

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