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MP Calisthenics Games 2016

In November 2016 we launched our first ever MP Calisthenics Games.

MP Calisthenics Games 2016

This was a new competition open to all students both past and present of Maximum Potential Calisthenics.

We held it at Wentworth Park in Ultimo, Sydney as this is easily accessible to my students and has all the equipment we required.

Here are just some of the highlights of the games.


For the 2016 games, we held the following events:

Chin-up / Pull-up

Starting with bands, progressing through to bodyweight chin-ups, pull-ups and weighted pull-ups

Shane won the male pull-ups with a pull of 45kg extra weight.

Renée won the female pull-ups with a pull of 5kg extra weight.

Pistol Squat

Progressing from higher up partial pistols down to increasing range of motion, all the way to a full pistol.

Gould won the male event with a full pistol squat.

Renée won the female event again with a full pistol squat.

Push-up / Dips

Progressing from incline push-ups through to full push-ups, parallel bar dips and weighted P-Bar dips.

Shane won the male Dips with a push of 45kg.

Renée won the females Dips with a push of 2.5kg.

Box Jump

Who could jump the highest with only one step up, that was the aim of the box jump event.

Petr won the males with a 125cm jump.

Renée won the females with a 80cm jump.


A quick sprint race across Wentworth Park of about 100m.

Shane won the males sprint, whilst Renée won the female.


Mobility is an important part of success in calisthenics, helping prevent injury and getting into more advanced movements.

For this reason we gave out some bonus points based on a shoulder mobility and a toe touching test.

Overall Placings


1st Shane

2nd Tim

3rd Petr


1st Renée

2nd Jenny

3rd Tammy

Congrats to all our participants, bring on the next event coming Autumn 2017!

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