Introduction to Calisthenics – My “Gym”

Wentworth Park

I’d like to introduce you to my “gym”, Wentworth Park in Ultimo, Sydney.

I don’t need to pay an expensive gym membership to train in a fancy gym, because everything I do is with my own bodyweight.

The park has the following bodyweight workout stations:


We mainly use this one for doing up and unders on the pole, but you can also perform a clutch flag on the high end.


Our main station, this is the one you see in the vast majority of my videos. Featuring four different height pull-up bars and two incline benches, which are useful for dragon flags and incline / decline push-ups.


The main feature at this station is the parallel bars, which we use for dips and inverted rows.

A second pull-up station, we don’t use this one that often but it’s good if the park gets quite busy to have a back-up.

As well as these the park has a number of other benefits, the circumference of the grass is exactly 500m, perfect if I want to add a bit of cardio into the circuit.

The circumference of the entire park is exactly 1.6km or a mile, which I regularly use for intervals so as not to have to cross any roads.

Furthermore, there is a bridge over the road, which of course has a nice set of stairs and over the bridge is a 50m very steep hill, both of which are great for cardio or to add an incline to a movement such as lunges.

Finally this may not look like much, but this picture displays a wall that is made for training pistol squats.

It starts out on the left a few meters beyond this picture and is quite high, as it gets further to the right it gets shorter and shorter. I use this wall to get my students to do pistol squats onto, over time moving further and further to the right of the wall.

Whilst I know that not everyone is lucky enough to live near a park that has pull-up bars, the point of this post, is that with calisthenics you don’t need a gym membership.

If you’re interested in personal training with me, then check out the Personal Training section.

If you’d prefer to take a calisthenics class at Wentworth Park, then take a look at our Sydney Classes Page.

To find out more about how you can benefit from calisthenics, as well as a complete beginners training plan then follow the links below.

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